Past Programes

Asian Centre for Cross-cultural Studies (ACCS) takes up for study and research issues of public concern. It organizes from time to time conferences and symposia on a wide range of questions, and invites distinguished scholars and public intellectuals to participate and present papers. Several proceedings of the conferences have also been published. The Centre collaborated with the University of Frankfurt, Germany, in a research programme on ethical and ecological rating of industries. As part of the programme, it conducted a field study in Tamilnadu involving 60 industrial establishments. To help young faculty and research scholars, ACCS organizes every year research methodology workshop with a team of highly competent professors as resource persons.

The Centre is engaged in publishing high quality research work. It also deals with the role of religion in public life. After four years of preparation, the Centre brought out a benchmark volume: The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia, edited by Felix Wilfred (director of the Centre) and published by Oxford University Press, New York. The volume is   sold all over the world, and is internationally acclaimed as a sure point of reference on the subject. The Centre housed also the Secretariat of International Theological Review Concilium, published simultaneously in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Croatian. ACCS  coordinated the editing of this journal which appears five times a year. Twenty university professors from different parts of the world form the editorial board of the journal with the director of the Centre, Prof. Felix Wilfred as its chief-editor.

Programmes Organized by ACCS since 2008:

  1. Extension lecture organized in collaboration with the Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras, and Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Chennai. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Francis Clooney, Harvard Divinity School, USA, on 8 Aug 2023.
  2. A Workshop organized jointly with the Department of Christian Studies, University of Madras, on An Intercultural Conversation. “World Christianity: Select Global Issues and Continental Practices,” 20th July 2023.
  3. An International Conference organized jointly with the University of Frankfurt on  “The Philosophy of Intercultural Conversations“, 6 -8 January 2020.
  4. An International Workshop on “Implications of Asian Socio-Political Developments for Higher Education and Practical Theologies: Twenty-first Century Challenges” Organized Jointly by ACCS &AIACHE during 6-8 Sep 2019.
  5. An International Symposium on “Interdisciplinary Research on Asian Christianities”, 8 & 9 Jan 2019
  6. Workshop on“Beschi’s St Joseph: Renunciant or Householder?”, 16 Aug 2018
  7. An International Conference on “Issues, Questions and Debates on Christianity in Asia, Past and Contemporary: An Interdisciplinary Approach”, 8 – 10 Jan 2018
  8. A National Seminar on “Human Civilization and Dietary Practices”, 22 & 23 Sept, 2017
  9. Workshop on“Developments on Indian Theology”, 16 Aug 2017
  10. Workshop on “From Hindu Devotion to Comparative Theology: Learning from Shri Ramanuja, 1017-2017”, 9 Jan 2017
  11. A National Seminar on “Intoxicants in India: Past and Present. Inter-Disciplinary Explorations”, 4 & 5 Oct, 2016
  12. International Conference jointly organized with the Department of Canon Law, University of Louvain,  Belgium, on Revision of the Canon Law  8 – 9 January, 2016. 
  13. International Consultation on Asian Christian Academy” and “International Journal of Asian Christianity”,27 – 28 November, 2015. 
  14. A Multi-disciplinary National Conference on “Indian Consumerism: Implications for Culture, Education and Ethics”, 9 &10 Oct, 2015
  15. A National Workshop on “Research Methodology”, 24 – 26 Sep, 2015
  16. A Consultation on “Inculturation of Canon Law”, 23 & 24 Apr, 2015
  17. An International Conference and Book Release of “The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia & Interdisciplinary Conversations”, 5 – 7 Nov, 2014
  18. A National Conference on “Indigenous Christianities”, 14 & 15 Feb, 2014
  19. A National Conference on “Indian Church: Leadership of Tomorrow”, 18 & 19 Nov, 2013
  20. A National Workshop on “Scientific Research and Social Transformation Methodology”, 14 – 16 Nov, 2013
  21. A Workshop on “Education for Creative Waste Management and Art Making”, 26 Sep, 2013
  22. A National Conference on “Prophetic Eco-theology”, 14 & 15 Feb, 2013
  23. A National Workshop on “Scientific Research and Social Transformation – Methodology”, 15 – 17 Nov, 2012
  24. A National Symposium on “Bio-ethical Governance of Common Good Resources”, 19 & 20 Oct, 2012
  25. An International workshop “Urban Planning”, 5 Sep, 2012.
  26. A National Seminar on “Indigenous knowledge and Higher Education in India – The Case of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences”, 23 & 24 Aug, 2012
  27. A National Conference on “Solidarity amidst Cultural Diversity in World Literature”, Venue Nirmala College, Coimbatore – 12 & 13 Mar, 2012.
  28. A National Level Workshop on “Value Education” –Venue Auxilium College, Vellore-2 & 3 Mar,2012
  29. A National Workshop on “Pedagogy for Peace-Building and Interreligious Understanding in Higher Education – A Consultation”, 12 & 13 Dec, 2011
  30. A National Workshop on “Scientific Research and Social Transformation – Methodology”, 14 – 16 Nov, 2011
  31. National Conference on “Asian Public Theology”, 7 – 9 Sep, 2011
  32. A National Workshop on “Hindu Goddess and Virgin Mary”, 1 Aug, 2011
  33. A National Conference on “Rethinking Higher Education Today – Towards Transformation of Practices, Polices and Institutions”, 3 – 5 Mar, 2011
  34. A National Seminar on “Reimaging the Relationship between Christianity and Dalit Liberation”, 10 & 11 Sept, 2010
  35. An International Conference on “Education for Peace, Religious Harmony and Cultural Diversity”, 30 & 31 Aug, 2010
  36. A National Conference on “Indian Feminism: Towards New Frontiers”, 26 & 27 Aug, 2010
  37. A National Conference on “Vision for A Health-Care Movement”, 4 & 5 Aug, 2010
  38. A National Seminar on “Religious Pluralism and Higher Education”, 11 & 12 Feb, 2010
  39. A Conference on “Evolving Context-Sensitive Criteria for an Ethically and Ecologically Sustainable Development- India and Europe”, 30 Nov – 1 Dec, 2009
  40. A National Workshop on “Social and Cultural Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights”, 28 Nov, 2009
  41. A National Conference on “Natural Resources – A Multi-Religious Approach”, 14 – 16 Oct, 2009
  42. A National Workshop on “Comparative Theology in the Context of Cultural Studies”, 14 July, 2009
  43. A National Workshop on “People Seminary”, 21 Mar, 2009.
  44. A National Seminar on “Media and the Public Sphere – For a Culture of Peace”, 19 & 20 Feb, 2009
  45. A National Seminar on “Bioethical Issues in College Campuses; Interdisciplinary Approaches and Perspectives”, 20 & 22 Nov, 2008

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